About Us

In simple terms business intelligence means to efficiently analyze your daily operational data and get insight into your business to improve customer relationships, increase revenue, reduce cost and maximize operational efficiencies.

Business intelligence systems are being implemented by organizations to get the level of accurate information, which would strategically help to make overall improvement of the business processes to gain an edge over the competition. With the current world of technology advancement, companies have automated most of the functional areas that lead to the unprecedented data growth across the enterprise. Managing the ever growing enterprise content and convert the data to efficient analytical business intelligence systems has become extremely complex and also pose a challenge to maintain and support these systems.

Ikeum is helping organizations to build and support complex analytical systems with leading business intelligence platforms in the industry at a lower cost. With the niche focus on business intelligence, we have professionals having very good experience in the specific BI platforms, which is always a challenge for other traditional legacy solution vendors to keep up with the client needs and changing technology.

Our approach enables IT and Business leaders to collaborate effectively, scale, remain agile and gain an edge over competition.

Managing enterprise business intelligence platforms and enabling advanced big data analytical capabilities has become extremely complex and always at risk of losing value with business users and clients, due to the lack of required technical skills.  Most organizations are beginning to heavily invest on strategic initiatives  to address their current analytical needs and also to ensure the invested platforms have the capability to expand and handle the complexity of growing structured functional data and unstrucutred external data.

Ikeum has the ability to design and implement such complex systems to target the next generation delivery mechanisms – mobile, social, virtual, web apps, etc…