Free Evaluation

At this time we are glad to offer the free evaluation, if you use Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) for your analytical and reporting purpose.
Most of the time, challenges involved in deploying and supporting the Oracle Business Intelligence platform are related to:

- Designing and implementing the system for performance
- Expandable dimensional model to meet business requirements
- Intuitive dashboards
- Interactive reports
- Scalability
- Optimized ETL process
- Implementing data and object level security
- Building appropriate aggregation tables
- Using the provided tools effectively

Positive user experience is the main factor for the success of any business intelligence platform.  If you want your business users to adopt and widely use the platform for data analysis and provide valuable insight into your business, then you need to constantly monitor, identify and resolve the challenges. Much of time, your technical team may not able to frequently diagnose and proactive to identify and resolve the issues due to other higher priorities, which would in turn lead to a major challenge and impacting the business.

Our team of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) professionals  will  perform two weeks of free technical analysis of your platform  on the following areas and provide a comprehensive report.
-  Review the reports and identify performance bottlenecks
-  Review the dashboards
-  Security implementation
-  Repository metadata configuration for best practices
-  Areas for improvement with repository configuration
-  Optimization techniques for reports and dashboards
-  Caching strategy
-  Dimensional modeling and data structure review
-  Review the SQL generation for complex reports
-  ETL process optimization and best practices

If you are interested to perform a free analysis, please submit your request.