Life Cycle Implementation

Many organizations experience amazing volume of data growth but struggle to structure the data to get valuable pieces of information. The real issue lies on converting this data to perform useful analysis, which will in turn help to make key strategic business decisions.

Without having a proper BI strategy to accommodate the data growth across the organization, many companies ended up building multiple silo data marts. These inappropriately built data marts don’t allow performing analysis across functional areas, and make it difficult to further expand the BI foot print to analyze the available data in it full context using data federation techniques.

If you want to build a business intelligence / data warehouse platform and come up with an effective BI strategy, you have to answer the below questions:

Do you want to design a BI platform, which will accommodate the data growth in your organization for another 5 to 10 years, or beyond?

Do you want to expand the analytical capability across the functional areas by identifying the data integration
points and structure data appropriately?

Do you want to store all your data and maintain history, or identify only the key data points for analysis?

If you are starting a BI implementation and need experts to guide you through the life cycle implementation, then you are making a right choice by engaging team of experienced BI professionals from Ikeum.

We help our clients to build BI platforms, which would cater to meet their short term priorities and long term BI strategy.